Sylvie Busnel Siard

ad vitam

In the continuity of my work in the theater where texts and images make sense, I staged bodies and video projection integrated floral and vegetable materials, seeking to reveal

the life force from which everything emanates.

We could talk about metaphotography.

Sacred, secret, intimate.

I sought to penetrate the Human and its part of mystery.

I worked on the search for Harmony, on our part of shade, on the fulfillment.

I entered the flowers as one would like to enter in oneself.

Because it is in oneself that is the most sacred part.

I approached the bodies in their truth.

By the detail I sometimes seemed to touch the universal and thus achieve beauty.

The prints were made in the Eric Linard workshops.

Stage Director, Artist and Art Photos.

Turning to the visual and living arts, it is after a baccalaureate in Visual Arts and a degree from University Image Visual Audio Show that she will enter the National Conservatory of Montpellier Region in dramatic art.

First actress, in National Dramatic Centers and Avignon Festival she found the image and visual creation as a director. She associates herself with scenographer, light sculptor, and videographer. In her research she will open her shows to dancers and musicians. Jean Genet’s maids at the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris, The hymn of songs at PS1 MoMa New York, Rémi De Vos’s West, Teatrofilodrammatici of Milan, and at the Bracciano Festival. Incroci / Derive by Eugene Durif Spazio MIL Milan. Crossings / Divagations of Eugene Durif, Rome, Sala uno. The lover of North China: Mr. Duras, Paris, Rome, Venice.