Pierre Gimenez, Sculptor

The sculptor of curves

Pierre Gimenez is an artist of Spanish origin, born in 1950. The warm colors of the southern lands have strongly marked his love of the Iberian landscapes. He attended the fine arts and met the sculptor Oudot in Besançon. He begins and is passionate about wood carving, iron, stone. Russian and Andalusian painters feed his imagination. This eclectic artist is also an author composer. But in the end, it is bronze sculpture that becomes his mode of expression and brings him many rewards.

The curves of his ladies …
His feminine characters refined, joyful, uninhibited and fun have their place in contemporary art.

Her dancers with atypical curves but always harmonious, are the key pieces of our collection.

Lover of his art as life, Gimenez regularly participates in the international contemporary art fair of Saint Tropez, where he meets an informed public and art lover. He will be awarded in these events, and becomes one of the favorites of the public of St Tropez!

It must be said that his kindness and his sense of sharing make him a very pleasant person to know and to attend.

He is present at the gallery “La Dame du Castellet” where I will have pleasure to receive you and to present you his bronzes if you announce your visit.