LET, Peinter

LET is a “young” creator who enters the gallery as an emerging artist.

Everything about her is endearing, her intimacy with the works of the Grand Masters, her modesty and the extreme care she brings to her creations.
Her career begins in the muffled world and protected from the framing of the works of the great names of painting : De Staël, Klein, Soulages, Picasso, Poliakoff, Manzoni, Fontana …

These paintings fed her. She did not only respectfully treat the frames of the masterpieces of these great geniuses, she “communicated” with them, heard their messages, she had with them an intellectual and spiritual relationship.

Added to this is a deep passion for music. The click is the day she decides to transcribe her emotions in matter, and so release what has been in her mind for many years.

Her job as a supervisor obliged her to be completely meticulous, she decided to free herself from the perfect, to let go of the gesture on large formats … But do we return on her deep nature? It is amusing to hear her talk about her technique which is only precision and delicacy.

Rust, which can be a symbol of the passage of time and decomposition, allows her to tell about lives and births, while she works with living materials.