Jean-Pierre Baldini, Sculptor

Sculptor, living in Arles

Baldini was born in Cannes in 1949. He studied at the Beaux-Arts in Nîmes. In 1968 he made his first exhibition at the City Hall of Arles. For 17 years he worked on woodcarving, then earth and plaster. Bronze becomes his favorite material and leads him to a good recognition of the public and the profession.

The Sculptor’s route
Prestigious places have honored his work: The castle of Biron in 1993, the UN in Geneva in 2000 and the Senate in Paris in 2001 where we had the pleasure of being welcomed, Saint Martin de Boscherville in 2004.

Several cities have installed his monumental sculptures. He is represented in numerous galleries in France and abroad. The “La Dame du Castellet” gallery has been defending the artist’s sculptures with friendship and passion for more than 26 years.

The human body serves as a support for this passionate man, in constant quest for research on movement and the line. But, although he defends himself, the soul is never far away …

The works of art of the Trace
His latest work on the theme of “The Trace” is innovative, in the sense that by their mobility on the one hand, and by their engraved bases on the other, the bronzes print an engraving. Eight sculptures very accomplished and very different from each other, concretize this work of beautiful level.

“… Baldini, turned so completely towards the man, sings his vitality. His sculpture attests the presence of the latter in the city. The artist bends his sensuality to the learned geometries of cities, so that naturally the lines that radiate refocus to the object of art, that is to say in us. The curve of a shoulder that escapes into space, joins the extended fold of a cloth. The abstract volume thus created around the work forms a vibrant aura. The earth and the air are reconciled around the human image. With him, our city world finds its mediatized cohesion, ample and silent. Fire is not absent since it is in the development of bronze. But it is also found in the sensual twist of a bust or the offering of a gesture … “Régine Minet

The gallery “La Dame du Castellet” is a private gallery that receives only by appointment. I will have great pleasure to welcome you and to present you these sculptures.