Harold Ambellan Drawings

Ambellan returns to the gallery of La Dame du Castellet. It is with a lot of emotions that we are pleased to make you (re) discover a series of drawings entrusted to us …

“Harold, it is with pleasure and fidelity that I want to pay tribute to you, you left us in April 2016, leaving us your work in testimony of the engagement of your life”.


Biography :

1912: Harold Ambellan is born in Buffalo, NY, USA.

1929: During the 1929 crisis, traveled across the United States.

1930: Settles in New York. Student at the Art Student League.

1933/39: Participates in the Federal Art Project.

1935: Exhibition at the ACA Gallery in New York. Meet the musicians Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Led Belly.

1937: Collective exhibition with the Bombshell Group, New York.

1938: Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the Art in the Subways collective exhibition. Member of a welcoming committee to European refugee artists, he became involved with sculptors Lipchitz and Zadkine.

1940: Is one of the founders of the United Sculptors of America.

1941: Is elected president of the Sculptors Guild of America. That same year, Harold Ambellan participated in an exhibition of American sculptors at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York and exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

1942: Engages in the Navy.

1944: Participates in the Normandy landings.

1946: Teaches three-dimensional art at the Workshop School in New York.

1953: Carves a sculptural decor in the Wedgewood showrooms in New York.

1954: Chooses exile in France against the pressure of McCarthyism.

1961: Jean Camion Gallery Exhibition, Paris.

1971: Exhibitions Gallery Schneider in Rome and Gallery du Port in Rolle, Switzerland.

1972: Produces a monumental sculpture for the Chicago Cummings Foundation.

1976: Retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Solingen, Germany.

1978: Exhibition Van Remmen Gallery, Solingen, Germany.

1980: Settles in Arles. Exhibition Voir le voir, Arles.

1982: Exhibitions Galerie du Cercle, Paris, Cultural Center of Youth, Marseille, as part of the Istres Dance Festival and Van Remmen Gallery in Solingen, Germany.

1983: Returns to the United States and exhibits at the Glass Gallery in New York.

1987/90: Glass Gallery exhibition in New York.

1990: Art and Communication Gallery, Paris.

1991/94: Olympic Art Exhibition, La Défense, Paris. Realization of a mural, Le Home, Albertville. Exhibition “Homage to Ambellan”, Actes Sud, Arles. Exhibition Gallery Réattu, Arles. Exhibition Van Remmen Gallery, Solingen, Germany. Public auction Griffin, London. Public auction Drouot, Paris.

1999: Exhibition Le Bois retrouvé, Paris.

2000: Galerie Michèle Paureau Exhibition, Paris.

2001: Retrospective exhibition, Espace Van Gogh, Arles.

2006: Death in Arles.